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1. WARM-UP: muscle and joint heating to face the wod.
2. SKILL: working for 10 or 15 minutes a 'specific skill that may relate to the Gymnastic or Olympic lifting, depending the WOD.
3. WOD (WorkOut of the Day): it's the heart of the training. A workout where you will struggle against time and against yourselves. "AMRAP", "ROUNDS", "CHIPPER", "EMOM", "BURPEES", "THRUSTERS" are names that you will learn to know, loving them or hating them!
4. COOL-DOWN: 10 minutes of stretching to give muscle recovery and prevent DOMS.


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Free use of the equipment, always under the supervision of a Certified Coach.
Exclusive class for advanced agonists, athletes or for those who follow our "Warrior Gene" Competitor program.
Check out the hours to "drop in" on the calendar below.

This Exclusive program is carefully designed for a preparation intended to the CrossFit Competition, with targeted training for the constant increase of performance and loads.
Suitable from Expert to Beginner with scaled options. Made by our Head Coach.
Check the workout of the day, post your scores, track your results and monitor your performance.
With the App "Beyond the whiteboard" you can keep track of your progress, your performance and your fitness level.
You can compare yourself with all the other athletes. This will always allow you to track your progress in various categories so as to increase your skills and abilities in an optimal manner.
The program analyzes your performance and gives you all your fitness level statistics based on wod facts, dividing the work into categories (olympic lifting, gymnastics, metabolic conditioning).
It suggest you the loads to be used by keeping track of your PR, and RM, it gives you a chance to know what to improve and work to be more complete.


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It's an essential path of 3 lessons for who never do CrossFit and requires no expertise, CrossFit is for ALL and is praticable at any age.
During the classes On Ramp you acquire the basic movements of CrossFit.
Cost is €40 (including €20 membership fee, annual validity)
Every day (except Saturday) according with the Trainer to your needs.
For children under 18 years we require the signature of a parent.


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MONTHLY: €65.00

MONTHLY: €75.00

3 Lessons: €40 (including €20 membership fee)

Daily: €15
Package 12 drop-in: €150 (2 free)

€20 (Yearly)



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Because we speak English!!
Because we are Affiliate CrossFit® inc., CONI and ACSI.
Because we are qualified instructors CrossFit® 1st and 2nd Level, ISSA Europe and Reebok Trainers Professional, with decades of experience in personal training, nutrition, fitness and sports.
Because we are certified providers of first AID and defibrillation BLSD (Basic Life Support and Defibrillation).
Because we have professional "Lacertosus" equipment. The best quality in the CrossFit industry.
Because the box is immerse in the natural reserve of "Timpa Leucatia", with solar light and fresh air, away from the traffic and pollution, in an easily accessible location logistics. Large indoor and outdoor space.
Because we have a free car parking.
Because our classes are limited to 20 members to give the best training quality at every single athlete.
Because we do, we study and realize the workout program weekly as we have learned from the masters of CrossFit, leaving nothing to chance. You'll learn all the skills at 360° and improve fast your fitness level in the best enviroment.
Because we offer the unique Warrior Gene "Competitor" program for athletes or those who want to improve the technique and increase the loads. Special programming aimed at anyone, even beginners, that want to start a path to the competition or just anyone who wants to train with more intensity.
Because we forge the best Sicilian athletes.
Because we work with the "Beyond the whiteboard" to give the opportunity to all our athletes to track the results of each WOD and personal fitness level to be constantly updated on the progress.
Because we do medical and nutritional counseling qualified.
Because we provide discounts and incentives for Reebok apparel and technical equipment.
Because we are Myprotein® Partner, Prozis® and Naturveg® to offer you the best supplements on the market.
Because we do competitive prices and concessions on payments for semi-annual and seasonal subscriptions.
Because we are a real family where everyone knows everyone by name, and "nickname".

"Because we learn before teach you, we overcome our limitations before you exceed yours. With us you never say "I cannot" because your achievement is our greatest success. Everything makes sense because we do it for passion!"
Tigermood CrossFit Staff